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Electrical Distribution

We are doing wholesales supply to Electrical Dealers since 1997. Mainly we are supplying Switches, Wires, Flexible Pipes,  Pipe Saddles, PVC Wall Plugs, Main Switches, Distribution Boards, PVC Sleeves etc.

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Athira Electricals - Switches and Accessories

We have a Counter Sales (wholesales and retails) named Athira Electricals mainly dealing with almost all popular brands like Philips, V Guard, Finolex, Havells, Crompton, Anchor, Legrand... etc.

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Athira Electricals - Indian Fancy Lights

Our main attraction in our Counter is Indian Make hand made fancy lights.

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Why Indian Fancy Lights......

Since lot of imported LED fancy light fittings in the market are available,  customers may think that why we are only doing Indian Fancy Lights and avoiding imported lights.

In our past experience shows that  50% imported fancy lights are giving complaints in our showroom itself like Glass broken, Choke Complaint, LED complaint, shortage of fittings in fancy etc...

We have also noted that after purchasing imported lights, the customers are also facing some complaints like glass colour fade, choke complaints, LED complaints.... etc.  They cannot change the broken glass while installation time. We do not say that all  imported lights having complaints. The complaints may be because of  major  importers are concentrating the cheapest lights so that than they can compete in the markets.

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